Tower Communications, an authorized Pixius Dealer, specializes in providing high speed internet connection to rural communities in the eastern half of Kansas. The explosive growth in high speed internet connection has largely bypassed rural America due to the lack of reasonably priced alternatives.

Pixius Communications has developed a viable solution to this crisis. Using a series of towers constructed throughout an ever expending service area, we provide, reliable high speed connections at a very affordable price.

Our basic service package is $51.95 per month (this includes all taxes and fees) and delivers speeds between 1000k to 1200 k. Faster then DSL, cable or satellite. Our one time installation fee of $125.00 includes all required equipment (right down to a high speed router) you will need plus an installer to put the entire system in place.

Click the link to the right and conduct a speed test of your existing service. When asked for a server to connect to, Select Dallas.

You will see that your dial up connection is generally between 18k to 32k our question is why put up with such antiquated service when a call to Tower Communications can get you a system with speeds of 1000 to 1200K. Yes, even if you currently have a high speed connection take our test, we find many customers switching to us from cable, satellite, and DSL for the speed, the reliability, and the affordable price.

Please call us at 316-361-0356 to speak with a representative to answer any further questions you may have and order your system.

(authorized Pixius Dealer)